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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering assures that your product will be developed on-time, and delight your customers. Time-boxed phase gate milestones help assure on-time execution, while allowing for highly iterative and agile development of prototypes within each phase.


Early identification of user needs and requirements, along with device risk analysis, provides a foundation for a strong system architecture which guides the product development effort. Our experience shows that this approach reduces design verification and validation time by assuring that technical risk is removed early in the development process.

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Product Development Courses

Improve your product development process with S2insight's customized courses, based on tried-and-true systems engineering principles and aligned with industry standards.


Product Development Intensives™

A structured and facilitated work session allows teams to accomplish in days what otherwise would take weeks. Whether the outcome is a product roadmap or an improved product development or business process, S2insight will systematically work with you assess your current state and develop a path forward.

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